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  Our Mission Statement

A.F.T.E.R. wants to be an extension of your family and give you the peace of mind during a very difficult time with many difficult decisions ahead for both you and/or your loved one, as well as, your family. 

Advocating    For    The Elderly  Relations,  Inc., known  as  "A.F.T.E.R.", is a Not-for-Proft Florida 501(c)(3)   Corporation. As  Administrator  of  a Florida  Pooled Special Needs  Trust,  we  offer another   avenue  for  a financial peace of  mind

to help  improve  and/or extend the quality of life of  disabled   individuals and frail elders.
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Advocating For The Elderly Relations,  Inc.,  known  as 

" A.F.T.E.R. ",  helps extend the quality of life for Seniors

65  &  older and/or disabled individuals   which   are   in need    of    assistance    to qualify     for    government benefits.

Pooled Special Needs Trust

also helps disabled children and  adults   under  65  who  need to protect their current  government benefits.

Pooled Special Needs Trust

also helps those  individuals inheriting  money who need

to   preserve   their   current government benefits. 


Advocating For The Elderly Relations,  Inc.,  known as  "A.F.T.E.R.",   knows   how difficult  and  daunting  this whole  process  can  be. To help  with the  process,  we have   outlined   commonly asked  questions   for  your reference. But best option  is   to    schedule   a    call  because  addressing  your concerns  is  important   to us.  Read More...

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